Boutique Hotel Al Grappolo d'Oro

Boutique Hotel Al Grappolo D’Oro is a nineteenth-century mansion recently refurbished in the medieval village of Torgiano, a few kilometres from Perugia, Assisi and other places of environmental, artistic, historical and cultural interest. The hotel is an ideal and family place for an intimate stay in tranquillity and calm among the green Umbrian hills. It has a free inner parking lot, a swimming pool and a typical Umbrian restaurant. For all customers of the Hotel Grappolo d’Oro in Torgiano, the FREE WI-FI network is available throughout the entire hotel.


The restaurant Siro has been offering the best service to all its customers for a long time, by providing excellent courses of the classic Umbrian style with local pastas and meat dishes, together with high quality wines mostly coming from the Lungarotti winery.

Staff are pleasant, helpful and nice. The food is excellent, service is top notch and wine list superb. The place has a great location looking over the vineyards and with Assisi visible in the distance.

Everything they serve is farm to table including the amazing, extra virgin olive oil from the Umbrian hills. Among the most popular courses you can have the ”antipastone al tagliere” (starters ranging from cured meat and cheese, bruschetta and so on), “torta al testo con prosciutto” (torta al testo is a traditional flatbread sandwich from Umbria stuffed with vegetables, cheeses and cured meats. The torta is cooked on a heavy testo, a circular iron griddle placed directly on the stovetop), home-made pastas such as “girasoli noci e tartufo” (pasta shaped like sunflowers filled with walnuts and truffle), “umbricelli al guanciale” (a strand pasta produced in the Umbria region of Italy, thick, traditionally made with a dough that does not include eggs, being prepared mainly with water and durum wheat flour, making it more compressed and harder to knead, seasoned with cheek lard), as well as a wide range of desserts like the very popular “semifreddo al croccantino”(semifreddo, which translates from Italian as “half-cold,” is a classic dessert that marries the richness of ice cream with the ethereal texture of frozen mousse, topped with croccante, a mixture of caramelized sugar and almonds) to end your meal.


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